Vegan Mexican Street Food

Tacos, nachos and burritos – but not like you’ve ever seen them before! We do crazy-good vegan Mexican food that is packed to the rafters with flavour.
Lentils need not apply here! We set out to challenge the preconception that vegan food is all chickpeas and chia seeds, and make awesome, great-tasting food, that just happens to be vegan. Creating twists on ‘meaty’ classics, like BBQ pulled jackfruit burritos and beer-battered to-fish tacos: our food appeals to EVERYONE.

Heaped with handmade toppings just bursting with colours and flavour – guacamole, tomatillo salsa, sour cream, pink onions, pickled chillies, chimichurri, fresh lime and coriander, our food is guaranteed to get your taste buds dancing!
By being vegan, all our dishes are of course meat, fish, egg and dairy free; and nearly all our dishes are, or can be made, gluten free. And we source ethically, and locally wherever possible, and use onsite markets for daily deliveries. We also use biodegradable packaging and cleaning materials.
But it’s not just about the food! We provide killer service to each and every customer. As seasoned festival goers and food market traders, we know EXACTLY what our customers need: a big fat smile, a lot of love, and high fives coming atchya! Customers leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy.
We got their backs. Always.
And we pride ourselves on being super flexible, friendly and easy to work with! We are, in fact, one of only a few select traders that Kerb and Street Feast will put forward for private events, as we can be trusted to deliver a reliable and excellent service – every time.
But it’s not even just about the food, or the service! It about the ‘vibe’ too – and we bring TONS of this. Our bright pink set up with a sprinkling of 80s kitsch sets us apart from the crowd! 
The team we bring is not interested in just ‘selling food’; we want to be remembered as ‘that amazing stall, who made my day 100% better, with awesome food – that just happened to be vegan’.